“On with the project!” CUBES partners meet online to boost the project

26 March 2021

On 18th March CUBES partners met online once again, to discuss the project’s development and plan the next steps.

Our work so far: The online curriculum on the sustainable administration of cultural resources is already ready in English. Soon, partners will be completing the translation of all modules in the partners’ languages, so that the whole course will be available on the CUBES interactive platform for every interested party in English, Bosnian, Greek, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Romanian!

At the same time, the partners are preparing a useful handbook; namely, the Methodological Approaches Guide For Educators”. This will provide the essential context and support to adult educators, to enable them to best exploit the CUBES products, tools and materials. Accordingly, the Guide will provide specific guidelines to the project’s stakeholders on how to integrate the training package in their normal activities and how to utilize it as an adult educational component, in relation to their trainees’ potential and needs. Additionally, parts of the Guide will be translated in the languages of the partners’ countries. The Handbook will be accessible through the CUBES online platform in a digital interactive flip book format.

Since CUBES targets the local communities members, local authorities leaders and representatives, public staff, NGOs and CSOs, private and public key-players in the cultural sector, this useful Guide aims to support the empowerment of various sectors of society and to foster grassroots ownership of cultural assets, gradually enabling the administration of cultural heritage within a sustainability framework.