Modul 3 Ciclul de Viață al Proiectului Cultural – Studiu de caz

Learning Objectives

  Every life has a beginning and an end. What would life be without life phases? In principle, it is the same with all projects, whether the subject of the matter deals with culture, sport, education, health or human rights. We always have the beginning and the end of a project, as well as phases. This module is tailored to provide a broader and basic delineation of project phases covered by a case study named Installation of the Landmark “Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures” (2012-2014)

  In this module you will learn how to:

  • understand the sequential phases of a project lifecycle in culture-related projects;
  • understand what happens in each phase of a culture related project;
  • understand how the level of effort changes over the lifecycle of a project;
  • understand how the degree of influence and the cost of change is changed over the lifecycle of a project.

Loog of Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures