CUBES partners met online: update on achievements and next steps!

29 April 2021

The engagement of CUBES partners continues to be very high having met virtually two times in April (on the 15th and 28th) in order to assess the stay of play in the development of the main activities and products as well as to plan next steps.

An important achievement is reached and almost ready to be available online and accessible to CUBES target groups composed by local communities and key private and public players dealing with the administration of cultural resources: the Cultural Administration & Sustainability Boosters Curriculum, being a training programme to boost cultural democracy and sustainability elaborated by the CUBES partners.

The consortium is now focused on adding to the Curriculum a key instrument to make the best use of it while guiding the project’s stakeholders on how to integrate the training modules in their normal activities and how to utilize it as an adult educational component in terms of their potential and needs: the Methodological Approaches Guide for Educators. In addition, partners are about to launch another activity that will affect the policy side of CUBES, meaning the elaboration of a Policy Paper which will contains suggestions towards policy makers on how to improve the impact of the adult education policies and initiatives concerning empowerment of local actors through training, based on the experiences and the knowledge acquired through CUBES outputs.

Besides the impact of the pandemic in some activities within CUBES, the consortium is still assessing the possibility of having onsite events as originally planned in the second half of the year, especially in relation to the Multiplier Events planned in 7 partner countries (Romania, France, Lithuania, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece and Cyprus) which will be a unique occasion to engage with local communities and stakeholders, share the main CUBES products and tools and discuss the sustainability of the project itself in order to be beneficial in the long run for the  local communities, public authorities, NGOs and CSOs dealing with the administration of their cultural resources.

Stay tuned and engaged with CUBES community!