Cyprus signs the Faro Convention

19 February 2021

In the presence of the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Ambassador Spyros Attas, Permanent Representative of Cyprus to the Council of Europe, signed the Faro Convention (Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society).

This latest signature brings the total number of signatures to 6, in addition to the 20 member States that have ratified the Convention.

The Faro Convention is based on the idea that heritage should be used for the benefit of the society as whole. It favours bottom-up actions and emphasises the leading role of heritage communities in cultural heritage management, presenting heritage as a resource for human development and economic development model based on the principles of sustainable resource use.

The project CUBES aims to create and disseminate a training programme regarding the sustainable administration of tangible and intangible cultural resources. Open and accessible to all, CUBES aims to empower all sectors of society to own and administer their cultural resources in sustainable ways, aiming at both cultural democracy and cultural sustainability, directly contributing to the implementation of the Faro Convention.

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