Unit 1 Approach to fundraising – 5 steps for fundraising from funding agencies

Raising funds is one of the most critical activities for the organisation of any cultural event, project, or programme. Generating your own revenue is necessary for effective development, planning and maintaining independence.

However, few organisations are as successful at fundraising as they would like to be.

It is a difficult and time-consuming task, but nevertheless, it is indispensable.

You will likely have to raise funds from a number of sources to get all the resources you need to run your desired project and programmes.

Funds can be obtained from:

  • Funding agencies (such as the government, EU projects, a cultural foundation, private donors)
  • Sponsorship

There are many examples of different fund collections such as organizing charity dinners, special events that present the organisationu2019s or institutionu2019s work, specific services or products of the organization, personal activities of members, street activities, sponsorships, u201cFace-to-faceu201d search but in this module, we shall focus on funding agencies and sponsorship but basic methodology and approach presented in the module can also apply for all.u00a0u00a0u00a0