Project Outcomes

Review Paper and Parameters Mapping
The following pillars will be completed in the Research & Review Paper:

Cultural Adnimistration and Sustainability Boosters Curriculum
CUBES develops a curriculum to address a number of core educational topics on the general thematic of the sustainable administration of cultural resources:

Digital Toolbox and Resources

Methodological Approaches Guide for Educators
In support of the developed Curriculum the following shall be also developed:

Policy Paper
Summing up the procedures and deliveries of the CUBES’s products, the policy paper aims to inform policy-making by combining practice and theory, academic knowledge and policy drafting.

Multiplier events (national seminars, info days, workshops, final conference)
For the practical dissemination of the project and the feedback needed, multiplier events take place in each participating country, in order to build a circle of influence and to elicit promoting and multiplying support for the CUBES project. Complementary to their informative character, these events are oriented towards a more practical level and a specific society context, as each country presents its own communities’ characteristics, cultural resources and sustainability rates.​