Finalization of the IO2: The Cultural Administration & Sustainability Boosters Curriculum

28 December 2020

The partners of the CUBES project are thrilled to announce the finalization the IO2: Cultural Administration & Sustainability Boosters Curriculum! The curriculum is designed by all partners based on the needs and results identified during the development of the Review Paper on Parameters Mapping. The partners built a comprehensive curriculum, which will enhance learners’ understanding and boost their abilities for cultural administration and sustainability. The curriculum consists of 4 Subjects, which include 3 Modules each:

Subject 1: Project Management (Module 1: Project Management Introduction, Module 2: Project Management Methodology & Toolsets, Module 3: Cultural Project Life cycle)

Subject 2: Community Involvement & Networking (Module 1: Introduction to Cultural Competence, Module 2: Networking in Cultural Settings, Module 3: Culture as a pillar for Sustainable Development (2030 Agenda and Cultural Administration))

Subject 3: Marketing Cultural Work (Module 1: Introduction to Marketing and Marketing Planning, Module 2: Communications Planning and the use of Digital Tools, Module 3: Strategic Marketing – Branding)

Subject 4: Fundraising for culture (Module 1: Basics to Fundraising, Module 2: Strategic Planning for Fundraising, Grant Proposal Writing)

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the curriculum via the CUBES interactive e-platform!