Humanization project of Naugardukas Street (Vilnius, Lithuania)


One of the most prestigious districts in Vilnius Naujamiestis is undergoing a radical change – local community members together with architects and city municipality are applying complex solutions to humanize the street and make it a quiet traffic zone.

Car traffic lanes are being narrowed, their parking is reorganized, security measures, greenery and small architectural elements are installed in order to make movement for citizens as safe and pleasant as possible. There is more space planned for walking, cycling, scooting or just enjoying a nice conversation on a bench.

Currently the street is gradually transformed into a public space. There are prominent intersections, brightly marked crossings, bicycle paths, and additional greenery installed that protects pedestrians from the traffic in the street. In addition, a street market is organized on weekends, and “traveling yards” started last year.

The entire pilot traffic project in Naujamiestis will be completed in 2023. There are 10 quiet traffic streets planned to appear all over Vilnius in two years, most of them concentrated in Naujamiestis.

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