Open and innovative practices in a digital era

CUBES promotes innovative methods and pedagogies, developing digital learning materials and tools as well as actions that support the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in adult training and promote new technologies as drivers of improvement in training policies. Additionally, CUBES addresses this priority because its flexible digital development allows easy adaptability in multiple contexts and in many cases to multiple recipients, enhancing, in this way, the digital integration in learning, teaching and training at all levels and supporting sustainability and compatibility with upcoming digital challenges.

Supporting individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences

This priority is connected with the content and activities of CUBES, since individuals, members of the local communities and organizations will acquire the substantial skills and competences towards their own community sustainable development, and knowledge of efficient exploitation of the cultural resources.

Social and Educational Value of European Cultural Heritage, its contribution to jobs creation, economic growth

The project focuses on the value of culture for local communities, and the expansion of knowledge and know-how for participants and target groups pertaining to the contribution of cultural resources to the local growth.