Towards a new digital era of cultural administration, community empowerment and sustainability!

22 December 2020

For a project on culture, democracy and sustainability, as CUBES is, the challenges faced by the pandemic make it even stronger and more determined to work effectively and collaboratively as to create a cultural administration boosting with the engagement of sustainability for local communities!

The multiple challenges faced worldwide, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have not limited the activities of the CUBES consortium. The partners effectively adjusted to the new, emerging digital era, imposed by the current circumstances, and transformed such challenges into an even more creative and successful digital collaboration. Since the beginning of the devastating wave of the virus, the CUBES consortium organises often virtual meetings (14th May, 9th July,  6th & 20th November, and 18th December 2020) to discuss the implementation of their main goal: to develop a training program through the design and development of an inclusive, interactive, and user-friendly digital platform, as to create and disseminate know-how regarding the sustainable administration of tangible and intangible cultural resources in order to empower all sectors of society to won and administer their cultural resources in sustainable ways, aiming at both cultural democracy and cultural sustainability.

Join the CUBES activities and services and enjoy our beautiful journey for community empowerment on cultural and democratic sustainability!