Sarajevo Meeting of Culture (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Sarajevo Meeting of Culture (SMOC) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 2013 with an aim to promote Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina as an epicenter of cultural diversity in South East Europe. Our mere purpose of existance since establishment is to contribute to cultural tourism growth by strengthening the national cultural identity and touristic networks aiming to fortify a positive image and better understanding of the country. On an individual level we provide knowledge-transfer and enhancement of professional qualifications of employees in the spheres of tourism and cultural sectors. On the institutional level we provide efficiency-oriented support to cultural institutions at the local and national level through projects that lead to their strengthening and development. On the overal level we support improvement methods and processes utilizing all available resources and essential components for the development of cultural tourism. The 25 plus years of collective experience of our staff in the fields of Project Management, higher education development, culture, sport and tourism is a pool that offers professional and innovative approach in the listed fields, acting as a catalyst for growth.

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