Topic 1 Fundraising: basic concepts


  • It is the process of seeking and raising money to implement a charity or a general project.
  • Fundraising is considered an important part of an organisation’s marketing strategy.
  • It aims at financial transactions. Fundraising facilitates strengthening financial prosperity. The organisation’s mission is stabilised through the market audience.
  • It is attached to similar concepts like entrepreneurship, development, sustainability.

Development of personal relation/ partnership

  • The cooperation between the organisation and the sponsor should be based on loyalty and integrity.

        This basis develops a long-term partnership among them that ensures new donations in the future.      

Fundraising Financial transactions

Development positive engagement

The development of a long-term partnership is the key to sustain a perpetual economic support.

Fundraising vs. Development


Soulful Development Strategy


 Fundraising: Four (4) basic elements

  1. Support/ strengthening in organisations
  • Funding/ sponsorship (financial support) constitutes a vital part in an organisation’s strategy.
  • Operating staff cost and wage boost are occasionally fulfilled thanks to fundraising and sponsorship commitments.
  1. Publication of organisation’s activation
  • The fundraising process gives in the organisation the opportunity to advertise and promote its activation in the public community.
  • Modern technology enables organisations to get in contact with more sponsors and raise the public’s awareness.
  1. Volunteering
  • All the members of an organisation are responsible for fundraising.
  • These people (volunteers and/ or employees) have to be determined in the integrity and the importance of organisation’s work.
  • Volunteers are as valuable as a sponsorship because they dedicate their leisure time to the organisation’s effort.

  1. Consistency and publication
  • The publication of fundraising activities is a way to highlight the organisation’s impact on the local community.
  • The feedback and the success of an organisation are the key-pillars to attract new sponsors.
  • The quantification of the progress of the organisation and the provision of key statistics are equally important for establishing sponsorships and donations.


  • «The organisation proved its environmental consciousness by planting 500 trees, which considered that absorb on average 3.000 kg carbon dioxide. At the same time, these trees will release 16.000 kg oxygen in the atmosphere and year by year this number will increase».
  • «They are raised 100.000€ that endures the research relating to kid’s cancer treatment».

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