Topic 1 Idea – concept writing

The development of an idea starts with the identification of the checklist points when making a list of what should be achieved in each step of the imagined project, which is the foundation for its initiation.

Every control point gives the possibility and chance to evaluate the quality and implementation of our idea. At control points, we can make corrections and adjust our idea to actual demands. Hereafter are the basic initial checkpoints (from which many more are generated) and which help us to transform the potential idea into a project:

  • Design and prototype – the design of the written project using all the necessary tools.
  • Funding – the overview of the required budget for the beginning and implementation of our idea transformed into a project.
  • The overview of activity implementation with the overview of required resources.
  • Marketing and communication with the environment – in which way will our project be accepted. Defining future partners and project promotion.
  • The control points represent the process of project “forecasting” along with the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and controlling the end of the project, as integral parts of the planning process. (Radjo & Mujkic,2018)

1.Title of the project and type:

Name your project as simple as possible linked with your Wider and Main Objective

2 Wider objectives of the project

Wider objective is your Vision/ Clear wider picture about your project idea.

It should be maximum 3 sentenses

3.The main objectives of the project:

Main objectives is mainly related to your project Mission and Goals.

Your statements should be aligned with wider project picture and final project expected outcomes

4.Rationale of the project:

Short explanation about needs and possibilities to implement project.

5.Target groups/ beneficiaries/partners

  • Beneficiaries
  • Partners

6.Duration of activities

7.List of activities:

8.Total project amount needed for the project implementation:

9.Project amount requested from donor/grant: