Topic 1 Marketing strategies

Cultural Heritage Marketing strategies

“An attractive and interesting national cultural heritage provides a significant added value to the country and local communities. This requires a good understanding of marketing heritage because heritage site success clearly depends on whether the heritage is able to engage consumers”
Jureniene and Radzevicius (2014)

Specifically, Marketing:

✔ is the key-sector for the organisations or companies that are working with heritage and the environment.

✔ contributes to remark on how to offer to the market (role of sales).

✔ aims to develop and to offer a certain value to the user experience and the customers’ satisfaction

The result is:

✔Attainment of sustainable development by cultural institutions that formulate the market orientation and the consumers’ culture.

The role of marketing is fundamental for the cultural sector, as it is the most powerful way that allows cultural institutions to connect with their target audiences. The first step to build an effective marketing strategy is the development of a communications plan.