Topic 1 Successive steps in a fundraising event

  1. Definition of realistic goals:

fundraising events are mainly focused on raising funds.

Although raising money is not the main objective of this event, it is important to pose a realistic goal. In terms of safety, your aim has to be about 30% boosted than the project’s budget.

Key factor on a fundraising event is the organising of fundraising network.  

1.Developing collaborations

2.Raising money

3.Broadening the organisation’s network

4.Organising wide-range fundraising events


Tips: It is vital to examine previous fundraising events, so as to aim for a realistic fund.

Organising steps in fundraising event

  1. Case of Support: This is a request from the organisation to the investor/donator. It describes the vision, the mission of the organisation and it analyses the reasons why the potential investor/donator should invest in the organisation in the context of a fundraiser.
  2. Finding Investors/ Donators:

Categorisation of the potential investors/donators in a list according to their value of investment/donation:

a. Gold investor/ donator: provides most of the necessary capital and helps with finding additional investor/donators
b. Investors/ donators: have a small portion of capital, but their contribution is equally important
c. Potential investors/ donators: the organisation hopes for their endorsement, there is no collaboration between them so far, they are the main target group.

  1. Realisation of the investment plan :

1.Organising the campaign: set up a time frame (beginning – end) and definition of the economic objective

2.Communication: a selection of the means of communication with the investors (face to face briefings, e-mail, and more) and the briefing tools (video, infographics, images)

3.SMART Goal planning: specific, measurable goals contribute to a better and higher organisation quality of the campaign.