Topic 1 Tips for proper grant proposal writing

  1. Thorough research
  • Research and selection of the right sponsors/ funding sources
  • Selection of partners who will be the key components of the funding proposal
  • Key to success: addressing the right proposal to the right sponsor/ funding source
  1. Proposal structure
  • Organisation of the structure of the grant proposal as a story with a beginning (need statement), a body (design/ funding proposal) and a closing (results).
  • Description of the next steps emphasising on the benefits and their return on investment.
  1. Persuasion in communication
  • It is important to clearly highlight the needs of the proposal in agreement with the integrated strategy of the organisation.
  • The future partner should be convinced that the “requesting” organisation will manage its funds responsibly.
  1. Alignment of the budget and the proposal narration
  • Every part of your budget should be aligned with the proposal narration.
  • The budget is often the first matter the sponsors/ funding sources examine.

Tip: Keep direct interaction  with sponsors/ funding sources

In most cases personal –e.g., contact via phone-communication is preferred instead of an impersonal email.

Directness in human relationships is facilitating both sides and makes communication easier and more interesting.

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