Topic 1 Understanding the Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix supports the positioning efforts. It is a dynamic combination of elements aiming to create value for the organisation’s target groups, by providing them with the right services and products, through the appropriate channels, at the right place and price.

In a nutshell, the Marketing Mix aims to entice the target groups into a win-win relationship with the organisation: the target groups satisfy their needs through the organisation’s offerings, while they support the organisation’s goals (e.g., diversification and increase of audiences; intensification of attendance and spending; advocacy, etc.). Accordingly, the Marketing Mix is customised according to each target group’s specific profile, expectations and needs.

There are many recognised ways to categorise the Marketing Mix, including the 4, 5, or 7 Ps or the 4 Cs theories. We shall present the 5 Ps categorisation, as it is more readily applied to cultural organisations.

The 5Ps Marketing Mix as per Kotler & Scheff, 1997. Graph by Maria Kouri