Topic 1 What is the Closing Phase?

Project closing phase

The Closing phase is a critical step in the project management life cycle, as it signals the official end of the project and provides a period for reflection, wrap-up, and organisation of materials. It includes the delivery and approval of the essential deliverables, which are the raison d’être of the project. It also involves finalising the final paperwork, the reports and any additional work of less importance than the expected deliverables, but useful for the project management team, i.e. the development of an end-of-project report to make the most of what was achieved and to ensure that any lessons learned are passed onto teams who will benefit from them.

During the closing phase the project management team should:

  • Take inventory of all deliverables
  • Finalise pending tasks
  • Perform a ‘post-mortem’ to discuss and document any learnings from the project
  • Organise all project documents in a centralised location
  • Communicate the success of the project to stakeholders and executives
  • Celebrate project completion and acknowledge team members

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