Topic 1 What is the Marketing Plan?

Having explored the core marketing elements, we will now see how all these work together in a Marketing Plan (MP). This is a document that describes the marketing strategy that will help the organisation achieve its objectives. It outlines the tactics, means and resources that must be applied from a marketing perspective to support the successful realisation of the organisation’s strategies. Therefore, the MP should be grounded on the organisation’s overall strategic plan, and complement this as well as the organisation’s other business plans. Accordingly, depending on the depth of detail required, a MP can be part of the general business plan or be a separate, appended document.

Whichever the case, an organisation needs to have a set MP, revise it as necessary and evaluate its content, realisation and results in regular intervals. Its structure follows the main steps of building a business plan. Logically, an organisation should have a business plan; accordingly, some elements, like the organisation’s mission statement, business objectives, and a general S.W.O.T. analysis should be already established and can be used in the MP.