Topic 1 Who comprise the Cultural Market?

The first step in Marketing is to define which is your market, namely who your audiences are. A cultural organisation has many different kinds of “audiences”: visitors or spectators; members; volunteers; funders; associates; advocates; supporters; communities…. According to an organisation’s specific goals, these groups should be more or less communicated with. The basic processes of Marketing apply to all members of the Cultural Market, but, naturally, the marketing strategy and tools used must be customised according to each group’s special profile, needs and expectations. We shall be using here the term “Audiences” to denote, particularly, an organisation’s Visitors and Non-Visitors.

Many ways have been suggested to categorise a cultural organisation’s audiences – some, even, are genre-specific. A more generic but also inclusive approach has been suggested by C. Hoegl, who underlined that a cultural organisation needs to take into account also Non-Participants (particularly important for non-profits due to their social, inclusive mission!).

Source: Hoegl, 1995, p.15. Graph by Maria Kouri