Topic 2.1 Project initiation – Idea

That very first initiative requires a lot creativity.

In order to work on the planning and realization of new ideas, a person should be open and ready for a continual learning process, accept the opinions of others, ready to identify with changes, and recognize the synergy as the basis for all potential changes. Generally, when looking from a wider perspective, the matter of successful project management essentially deals with establishing a good team and good leadership. To an extent, the success of a project depends on the ability to persuade ourselves and others in the significance of the idea we aspire to realize. In that desire and belief, our energy spreads out to others, becomes accepted and the idea itself commences its life path.

The idea should be simple and pure, recognized as beneficial to the immediate surrounding or wider environment. When we share our idea with other people and we convey it as an instrument of change, we enter a process that is called u201cacceptanceu201d. Acceptance implies the accepting of this notion by other team members, depending on whom and for whom the idea is intended. Sharing ideas frees us from our ego, our constant search for ourselves, and the spasmodic residence in our closed circle. Self-consciousness and self-confidence are the basis for a successful generation and definition of an idea. (Radjo & Mujkiu0107, 2017)

Answer those questions first to ourselves!

Regarding the delivery process of u201cthe ideau201d here are some questions:

  • Is the idea unique?
  • Whom is the idea intended for?
  • What do you resolve with this idea?
  • Is there a possible interest of the community in the idea?
  • Would your idea satisfy the final beneficiaries or customers?
  • Will the result please your surroundings?