Topic 2.2 Definition and planning

Objective and Goals:

Given its cultural and historical heritage, Sarajevo today is potentially the most attractive tourist location in the Balkans and South-East Europe. For more than four hundred years, mosques, synagogues, Orthodox and Roman-Catholic churches were built next to each other. Different cultures have left a significant trace in architecture, making a unique blend of various architectural styles. Citizens of different ethnic and confessional orientation live and work together, lifting the city and its spirit of collectiveness, regardless of the conquerors and decision-making centres which in the past alternated faster or slower depending on the historic and geopolitical circumstances and interests of the time.  

With this project, we wish to introduce and promote a new tourist attraction/location which would consolidate the historical and cultural features of Sarajevo in one place. This would also present a starting tourist point in the city of Sarajevo, and would with its symbol/stamp mark the area of different cultures. The project entitled SARAJEVO MEETING OF CULTURES or SARAJEVO SUSRET KULTURA also presents a brand of future activities in an attempt to promote Sarajevo as the only city in Europe which can be the symbol of multiculturalism and openness. With the implementation of this project, a significant contribution would be given to the city of Sarajevo’s candidacy for the European Capital of Culture.

LOCATION which best reflects the MEETING OF CULTURES is located near the Gazi Husrev-Bey’s Bezistan (marketplace), i.e. the courtyard. Geographically (according to the cardinal directions), from the east – Ottoman city market and from the west – contemporary western culture. This place, marked by the stamp SARAJEVO MEETING OF CULTURES presents a single point and tourist attraction from which the visitor could clearly see the meeting of different cultures.

Title: Future look (2012)

Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures archives

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Expected results until 2014

  Given that with all its various attractions, the tourist offer in Sarajevo is largely focused on the area of the Municipalities Centar and Stari Grad, the proposed location for the project entitled Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures will be the starting point for the city tour. (VISION, 2012)

  Provided that the latest statistics unveil that the number of tourists is expected to increase, the city of Sarajevo must use all its potential. The research made through talks with tourists and other guests of the city shows that the city lacks a place which will allow tourists and visitors to identify with the city and the area in which they are located.

  With the opening of this tourist attraction, and with a quality promotion, it is expected that the number of tourist visits to Sarajevo will increase. The opening of a new location would also present and promote the city of Sarajevo and the partners of the city of Sarajevo.

Within the planning process, which represents the second phase of project management, the project coordinator prepares the project draft that has the objective to familiarize the project manager and other team members with key characteristics of the project. In the following planning phases, the project draft will develop into a project description that will consist of the project name and identification number, project team members, timeframe (the beginning and the end of the project), main project objectives, main target groups and stakeholders, project activities list, rationale, available internal and external resources, the planned cost for the implementation of the project and its activities in a Project budget (see graph below).