Topic 2.3 Launch or Execution

  Project execution is the phase where project-related processes are implemented, tasks are assigned, and resources are allocated. The method also involves building deliverables and satisfying customer requirements. Project managers or team leaders accomplish the task through resource allocation and by keeping the team members focused.

  The team involved will start creating project deliverables and seek to achieve project goals and objectives as outlined in the project plan. This phase determines whether your project will succeed or not. The success of the project mainly depends on the project execution phase. The project, deliverable also takes shape during the project execution phase. Read more here!

There are a lot of essential things that are taken care of during the execution phase. Listed below are a few among them:

  • Reporting Progress of a Project

During the project execution phase, it is essential to get regular project updates as it provides the required information and even identifies the issues.

  • Hold Regular Meetings

Before you kick-off a project meeting, be clear about the agenda and make team members aware of what the meeting is all about well in advance. If communication is timely and straight-forward, the productivity of on-going projects and those that are in the pipeline will not get affected.

  • Manage Problems

Problems within the project are bound to occur. Issues such as time management, quality management, and weakening the team’s morale can hinder the success of a project. So make sure all problems are solved in the beginning. Check out more info here! 

Title: Installation of LANDAMARK 2014

Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures archives

Title: Installation of LANDAMARK 2014

Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures archives