Topic 2 Brand positioning

Positioning involves the identification of an untapped space in the market that needs to be explored to maximise the competitive advantages or to mitigate the weaknesses of a brand.

The first step includes:

  1. Definition of mission and values
  2. Identification of a target market and nature of competition (frame of reference)
  3. Brand association (to have the brand linked with good attributes)

The ultimate goal is to design the brand image (not only visual) in the customer’s mind.

What is brand audit?

According to Neumeier, it is “a formal assessment of brands strengths and weaknesses across its touching points”.

A touchpoint is a “any place where people encounter a brand, including product use, packaging, advertising, websites, movies, store environments, company employees and conversation”. (Dictionary of Brands)

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How to formulate brand mantra?

It is an internal exercise that intends to resume the essence of a brand. It differs from the slogan or brand tagline.