Topic 2 Budget preparation

Understanding of the sponsor/ funding sources requirements

  • Overhead cost
  • Time period covered by the grant
  • Specific information (example: if the money is intended for a cultural event, the sponsor/ funding source needs to know details like the specific date and precise location etc.)


  • Thorough examination of information on the division of responsibilities in the context of the implementation of the funding proposal.

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Alignment of your budget with your proposal narration

In addition to the budget, most sponsors/ funding sources want a grant proposal narrative explaining the goals of the funding program and the task execution.

Tip: Improve your chances of getting approved! Make sure your grant budget is consistent with your grant narration. For instance, if the funding proposal is about is a year-long program, your narrative should clearly state that the program will run for one year, and your budget should reflect the expenses for this time period.

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