Topic 2 Guidelines for successful crowdfunding campaigns

Behind every successful campaign is hiding  a marketing plan and an organised effort which consists of 3 parts:

  1. Preparation
  • Advertising in advance: those who have a direct interest should be kept informed when the campaign begins.
  • Media/Press Cover: a promotion in local news will allure a bigger number of potential investors.
  • Securing early supporters: ensuring early endorsements, the fundraising won’t start from scratch.
  • Determination of financial plan
  1. Growth
  • Develop a Network: increase range. Much of the success comes from the use of social media or by sending emails. (the method of approach depends on the profile of the investor: press release, newsletter, private email)
  • Smart, Powerful and Impressive titles: campaign title, describe the mission of the organisation.
  • Combine photos and highquality videos: they have the ability to captivate the attention of the public, to motivate the audience, and to contribute to raising the proper amount of funds.
  1. Observation
  • Regular briefings about the progress of the crowdfunding: publishing updates at least one time per week, both for negative and positive turn out.
  • Adapt your target: if the conditions change or the progress is slower than anticipated, the target must be adjusted.



Create campaigns with short title (4-8 words), as they are more successful.


The design progress of a crowdfunding campaign is similar to organising the progress of a fundraising event (set a realistic goal- select the target audience group- use social media).


It is of paramount importance that the organisation expresses its gratitude and appreciation to each one of the donators after raising the completion of the fundraising.Send thank-you letters to local mass media for supporting the organisation’s project.

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