Topic 2 Key questions in grant proposal writing

  • The main purpose of a funding proposal is to achieve collaborating with a potential sponsor/ funding source.
  • Answering basic key questions is an important process.

Tip: Formulate the funding proposal in question-and-answer format, if this helps you!

Who are you and what are the organisation’s qualifications?

The answer aims to grab the attention of the sponsor/ funding source in order to read the whole proposal and not just jump to the budgeting details.

✔Smart presentation of the organisation

✔Creation of relationships of trust

What are the issues that need to be solved?

This section is of crucial importance, as the secret behind writing a winning business proposal is understanding the needs of sponsors/ funding sources and the best “solution” to these needs.

Tip: Tell a short story about the course of the organisation.

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How do you plan to resolve these issues?

Description of the implementation of the project/ program from the beginning to the end of its duration.

✔Accurate statistics so that the sponsor/ funding source recognises the parameters of the agreement.

✔Tasks in the context of project implementation

✔Completed action plan to integrate and monitor the tasks described in the proposal.

What will be the duration of the proposed project?

  • Time frame definition for the project completion.
  • Realistic expectations and expected results.
  • Objectives and deliverables, which meet the capabilities of the organisation at that time.
  • Formulation of a flexible proposal format.

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How much will it cost?

Cost is a fundamental component of your business proposal and this is a module in which the sponsor/ funding source is going to examine thoroughly considering its logic and stability.

Tip: Present a detailed cost summary within the narration of the proposal (regardless of budget).

Who will be involved in the project?

Present a clear but concise document regarding the team members participating in the project (and their qualifications) and also the possible/ required external partners.

✔Start with a brief CV for each member.

✔Organise an acquaintance meeting with the entire project team.

Tip: The best way to present this part is to use short and concise sentences in the form of bullet points.

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