Topic 2 The Closing Meeting and the End-of-Project Report

Closing meeting

The closing meeting is the last major event in the project life cycle and is an opportunity to learn from the experience, define best practices, celebrate the results, and recognize the contribution of each of the project management team, allowing the team members to finish in good conditions, with the possibility to create further synergies. It concludes the human experience of the project for its team, without destroying the collective intelligence created during the project.

End-of-project report

The end-of-project report is initiated during the closing phase and it will continue to be developed until the closing meeting, where the project management team will make the final modifications. The report encloses detailed key information of the project and summarizes the project owner’s level of satisfaction. Finally, it analyses the result of the project as well as the process by which the result was obtained. Its finality is twofold:

  • To assure that closing activities are carried out correctly
  • To ease the transfer of the lessons learned to the other project managers and the organisation