Topic 3 Communications plans and the use of social media

  • Chose the name properly

Chose a memorable one. Nowadays it’s hard to remember one more common brand’s name.

  • Start with a summary section

Include a description of the plan’s purpose, why it exists and a general idea.

  • Learn your audience

 Marketing specialists should identify and document the institution’s audience, what their profile looks like and identify their needs and interests. Survey customers can facilitate the process.

TIP: You could ask more demographic style questions!

oDesign thinking
A “strategy” consists of four independent modules, which are:

  1. target group (who is your customer),
  2. objectives (what goals you want to achieve),
  3. proposition (central message and values),
  4. positioning (creation of distinctive position relative to the competitors in the perception of the consumer)/ Plan and design all future messages.

oCreate a budget plan
Assess the costs. Track the spending rates regularly and adjust the habits.

oUse communication Tools and Methods
Methods that offer opportunities for people to ask questions or provide feedback can provide real value for any project. Don’t insist on using a single method for communicating messages.

oEvaluate the project
It is important to retrace on basic steps of the project how the program performs in order to learn from it.

Marketers can use certain social media metrics, Google Analytics to track engagement with certain items.

More specifically:

  • get insights
  • build a complete picture of your organisation
  • sort the data collected to evaluate the upcoming activities

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