Topic 3 Networking as a source of opportunities

Cultural entrepreneurship is the perfect example of networking activity, which sometimes is not fully realized. Since the nature of cultural sector is usually very informal and unstable, most of the hiring there occurs in unofficial setting. Though cultural entrepreneurs need to compete for funding, future career, etc. The nature of cultural businesses is usually fundamentally co-operative in general. Thus, proactive networking is the strategy that helps to make it in the cultural world. Developing and maintaining networks of contacts that may be related to future work is the core of cultural entrepreneurs’ working lives: entrepreneurship, co-operation and community. On the other hand, networking here usually happens and is not a proactive action.

This is the peculiarity of networking in cultural sector – it is not only a source of working possibilities but a friendship, co-operation, support, collaboration, and learning opportunities. This informal setting allows more freedom and creativity but imposes lower wages and insecurity as well.