Topic 3 Promote your partner

Sponsorship and marketing – What is tangible or intangible? Social responsibility or sales market? In the field of marketing, exchange denotes a transfer of something tangible or intangible or symbolic between groups or individuals – buyers and sellers. It, in fact, is an exchange or provision of transfer of something valuable – goods, services, or ideas, for something that represents value – cash, credit, or labour. (Mujkić, Valantine, Staskeviciute-Butiene & Radjo, 2017)

It is important that your business partner can recognise your company values in the eyes of your customers, visitors, or participants. Social responsibility sensitive company can be your partner for a cultural project, event, or programme. Frequently it happens that you can not increase the company product sales, but you can increase the social recognition of the partner company.

Promote your partner company image through your activity and matching your brands! 

Dino Mujkić & Belma Tuzović Mujkic, Sarajevo Exhibition,  2017.