Topic 3 Segmenting the Market

Based on Audience Research data an organisation can proceed with Market Segmentation; namely, to create customer sub-groups using one or a set of criteria, specifically chosen to reflect the organisation’s various goals. Segmentation must lead to reasonably large, measurable, mutually-exclusive, exhaustive and reachable groups. Naturally, a different set of segmentation criteria can be applied for different organisational goals. Usual criteria used in culture include:

  • Socio-demographic criteria (e.g. age, gender, income, profession, educational level, geographic location, ethnicity, etc.)
  • Psycho-behavioural criteria (e.g. lifestyle, social standing, leisure-time preferences, disposition towards culture, etc.)
  • Genre/Organisation-specific criteria (e.g. intensity or pre-disposition of attendance, loyalty, disposition towards innovation, ways to visit, etc.).
  • Consumer behaviour criteria (e.g. value-assignment, needs, consumer’s preferences and criteria, etc.)

Source: Karolina Grabowska,