Topic 3 Sustainable development as culture

Culture provides a perspective into how to apply SDGs and what results should be expected for the process:

Connect your identity to appropriate SDGs and encourage growth. Revealing values that define your actions and connecting SDGs integral to them enables development in certainty.

Grow your ecosystem and establish resilience. Acting based on your value system and framing strategies through integral SDGs forms an ecosystem of similar-acting organisations. Together the network creates ties transforming individualistic exploitation into resilient exploration.

Cultivate this culture of yours and enjoy the sustainable development. Following the above-mentioned structure of actions systematically fosters a culture of sustainability. Developing an organisation becomes culture cultivation process enabling responsibility, sustainability and care.

Supporting creative industries and investing in cultural heritage have proven to be strengthening the economic growth.

Culture provides more diverse and creative ways of thinking and solving problems. When SDGs application is embedded into the cultural development it:

-secures more enabling environments.

manages risks and costs.

builds reputation and trust.

strengthens relationships with employees, customers, and stakeholders.

-creates access to new markets.

aligns actions with the vision.

As an example of how culture drives sustainable development could be one of the most famous family-owned restaurants of Ukrainian heritage in Lithuania.

Their strategic move to focus on the inner culture instead of seasonal profits created the food quality standard in the region and formed a team that works here for more than 20 years without an industry-common supervision.

The idea to uplift the whole ecosystem by investing into the infrastructure and the community created resilience. This place survived all the crises and behaviour shifts without any loss.