Topic 3 Types of brands

Anything can be a brand,for example a product, a person, a service, a place, an organisation. The different types of brands can be listed up into more than 20 categories. Some are illustrated below:

Product brands include a wide range of products like a car, a drink, a mobile. Do you realise that sometimes we often call some products by their brand name?

Service brands indicate a brand that is known by the service it provides, as it happens with airline companies, hotel chains, banks, supermarkets. These types of brands uses customers as their selling point. Examples of this brand type are Uber and Airbnb.

Jeep has become synonymous of off-road cars

Corporate brands or organisation brands are related to how an institution, a company, or an entity is perceived. Normally, we trust products or services when we already know the brand behind them. Companies/brands that drive on transparency and convey a consistent image tend to have long-term success.

Personal brands refer to the promotion of an individual. Celebrities, sportspersons, politicians, influencers, all fall into this category.

Event brands are considered when a specific event (e.g. music festival, sports events, conferences) provides a consistent experience to its attendees. 

Geographical brands or place brands range from countries, cities, neighborhoods, buildings, historical and heritage sites, etc. These types of brands capitalise on the experiences, stories, attractions these landmarks provide and are largely used by the tourism industry.

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