Topic 4 Stakeholders

Stakeholders in general, are those who are interested in the outcomes and invest on the project, and who will be affected by the its deliverables and results. Therefore, their input can directly impact the outcomes of the project.

Stakeholders, typically include of the following:

  • Customers: The internal or external direct users of the product or service of the project
  • Project manager: The leader of the project
  • Project team members: The team responsible for the implementation of the project under the leadership of the project manager
  • Project sponsor: The financier of the project
  • Steering committee: An advisory group providing guidance on key decisions. It includes the sponsor, executives, and key stakeholders from the organisation.
  • Executives: The core management of the organisation implementing the project
  • Resource managers: Other managers who control resources needed for executing the project
  • There are many more depending on the project, some which may include: sellers/suppliers, contractors, owners, government agencies, media outlets, even society at large


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