Topic 4 Symmetrical ties

While developing a network it is important to have its working principles in mind. Network is operating only when all of its members are benefiting. It is dangerous to only exploit the connections without contributing. Thus, people trying to utilise their network ties opportunistically without reciprocal offerings are bound to fail. This perspective changes the way in which engaging in network is seen – the main purpose becomes cooperation towards a win-win situation and not seeking only for an individual profit.

A totally different logic dominates in the network, where supplying each other’s needs dominates against trying to benefit from each other. Both sides of transaction share indeterminacy of reciprocity. This mutual uncertainty creates trust and collective feeling in the network. It is not an anonymous transaction that dominates in market logic. Therefore, networks are preferable to formal marketplace relationships because they involve more social contact, are less competitive and more cooperative, reinforce mutual obligation, and encourage sharing of information.

Source: Miguel Bruna on Unsplash