Topic 4 The practical examples of cultural take on SDGs

Organizations invest in marketing a lot. Nevertheless, when the actual target audience is prone to the message the impact is non-existing. Usually, such situations appear with social or preventive initiatives.

In those cases, going directly to the communities and gathering knowledge about them is key. Only then one can define the message and communication channels to have a real impact (see: SDG 11).

Vilnius city (Lithuania) has been doing that with Naujininkai district and has created a bottom-up cultural initiatives, new infrastructure activation plans.

Startups and innovative companies usually struggle with the question “How to retain a client?”. In other words, how to create the value that forms a loyal bond with a person.

Investing in the ecosystem, not in a simple user acquisition process creates great value for a stakeholder. The innovation becomes the culture facilitator and sets the standards. It makes users appreciate the value and companies create resilience to the downturns.

In this case car-sharing innovators, Citybee invested heavily into the infrastructure to deliver the best mobility experience (see: SDG 9) for all (even competitors).