Topic 5 Brand growth and sustainability

To grow and maintain a brand requires a looping exercise, and at this stage, we must go back to the starting point – what role does the brand play before its audience?

The processes involved in this stage are related to the:

  1. Definition of the brand architecture, a continuous exercise where general guidelines must be defined to have a clear and updated vision of the brand strategy. This process covers the production of a brand portfolio and a brand hierarchy.
  1. Management of the brand equity over time sustained by marketing strategies focused on the long-run
  2. Reinforcement and revitalisation of the brand, an effort that requires a proactive attitude and consistent marketing strategies. It is also important to understand when and how (if needed) to rebrand

Just like branding is not only defined by the visual identity of a company or entity, rebranding is about setting up new strategies to keep the brand in the market.

This process often culminates with changing aspects of visual and verbal communication (e.g. logo, slogans).