Topic 5 Networking as a form of cultural entrepreneurship

Since the origin of concept of entrepreneur in the end of XIX century, main characteristics of it are being questioned. The innovative role of the entrepreneur was always underlined, while more recently a shift towards entrepreneur as a network operator is observed. Before that entrepreneurs were usually perceived as independent units, but dynamism and changing patterns of economic life gave the beginning for the concept of entrepreneur as a network hero. In the creative industries, this change in environment could be seen at its best. Here business relationships are substituted with informal contacts, main decisions are influenced by irrational factors, lack of funding structures the way of doing business, and uncertainty is present everywhere from demand to wages.

Therefore, networking as a business activity helps cultural entrepreneurs to acquire information to obtain information, advice, as well as social and financial support from network members, besides they help to find alliance partners.

Source: Miguel Bruna on Unsplash.