Topic 6 People

Quite early was it realised that an organisation depended not just on physical but also on intangible elements, which emanated from the people comprising an organisation and coming into contact with the customers. Accordingly, the “People” variable of the Marketing Mix includes, among others, customer care and service, sales and after-sales support, staff-customer relations and quality of communication. It concerns every aspect of an organisation that brings the organisation’s staff in contact with existing and potential customers, such as the front-of-house and box-office staff; the marketing, scientific or artistic personnel; the janitors, auxiliary services staff and security guards. Therefore, this marketing variable depends on an organisation’s human resources policies which define the recruitment, motivation and training of staff. 

After all, most visiting-experience models include a “Social” factor, which concerns the quality of the social aspect of a visit to a cultural organisation. Just think of a cultural organisation in a wonderful setting and unique cultural products, the ambience of which is spoilt for visitors by grumpy and impolite personnel.

Source: Anna Shvets,